Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Poetry) Spaces - MkI

Spaces - MkI
The purity of hours
Spent playing in empty spaces
The sweetness of colours
When you’re alone in the dark,
When it should really be day.
The closeness of those nightmares
When you awake in a sweat
In a different bedroom
In a different bed
There’s too many empty spaces.
Mind the gap,
But don’t fear where to tread
Turn your eyes to heaven
With coloured intentions on your mind
And poisoned replies for your answers.

 Is it just me or is this toyhouse we live in
Getting over-crowded, getting repulsive
With the stench of sweat
Of those whose prayers
Have turned towards the Salamander
Through the furnace of heat
Fueled with the embers of human life
And the stupidity of those who hold the key.
I have the art of memory
And I hunger for the purity of empty spaces.

 Lunatics dance to an orchestra of screams
From a new age of holocaust
Brought about by paranoia.
Welcome to the ghost of the toyhouse
Welcome to the planet Earth.

By A R J Abranson
(Taken from 'Wild Card Symphonies')

Tags: poetry

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