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NIN, Closer, Hair Dye


I'm feeling decidely 'too' awake for someone who was up at 6am and didn't get to sleep until about 2.30/3ish (damn the internet and Umberto Eco!).

Anyway, 'R' by Nine Inch Nails arrived in the post this morning so I've been playing it LOUD to my otherwise empty house. R is their video collection plus tour footage (from 94-95) and their Woodstock performance. Good stuff and certainly made my mind up about NOT selling my NIN tickets for the Astoria gig regardless how stupid the prices become (well, ok, maybe if someone offered by £1000 I may be tempted at the mo :)

About to go and see the 10am performance of 'Closer' as I've been meaning to see it for the last week or two and it's only down the road, and I'm a bit bored (apart from NIN) for having been awake for so long and it being only 9.30 now.

Am also wrestling with the desire to go and dye my hair. Black and/or purple seem to be winning but I'm not sure if its a sound idea. I've been a blonde viking now for about 8-9 years since I last dyed my golden locks. I'll see I guess. I'm heading up to Tesco's and the High Street after the film to get in some supplies so I'll just see what ends up in my bsket!

This evening is looking rather barren. If anyone fancies doing something (with the emphasis on 'cheap' atm) please drop me a line. Preferrably in Finchley. Preferrably at my house actually :p

Although I might get a touch of the 'housewife' later and do some tidying as there's loads of bits and pieces lying around which were left until after dave moved out. Oh, I don't know what I'm doing today OK! I ADMIT IT!

Anyway, must get boots on and dash to the film. See ya later guys and gals!!!! xx

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