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Insomnia Strikes Back...... aw hell, who's up for B-MOVIE?

Well as I don't seem to be sleeping again I may as well ask out of all of you lovely folks who will be heading down to the great and glorious B-Movie this Friday? It's an 80's special this month and after not being able to hold it last month should be pretty packed with the crowds trying to get their fix of good music.

I'm certainly going to be there along with a bundle of guys and gals (including my little sister who I've never been clubbing with before) even if we have to be up early on Saturday to sign our contract and move into our new house (yay!). Pizza and/or chicken bits for all helpers btw!!! Plus beer/cider/spirits in the evening!!! It is Valentine's Day though but moving is a great way to forget about it for all those lonely hearts amongst you ;-p

That reminds me, can someone let me know the address of the Valentine LJ page....

F**k I'm bored and not remotely tired. I'm logging off to go and read in the warmth of my bed and hopefully Morpheus will be persuaded to come and visit.

Night, night folks!

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