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Oh, the power of sleep evades me....

Hmmm.... not sleeping and not sleepy. 4.28am and although i techinically have the day off tomorrow I have been asked if I can go in if possible. Thus I should really try and get some sleep.

Had a really nice evening tonight and am not drunk in the slightest despite several soutehrn comfort and cokes at the pub followed by more at home (with a glass or so of some rather nice red wine). I do need to get some shut-eye though. It's only fair and I should get as much sleep as possible before the weekend.

Did accidently delete a couple of emails from the server before actually reading them but have contacted the people who sent them so 'hopefully' will receive them again. For some reason my 'spam' filter on my remote server is not putting the 'spam' in the junk folder so I'm having to sift through everything and delete it before downloading to my PC. This is annoying, especially considering the amount of spam my email address gets. It's also the reason why I lost these two mails. Grrr.

Anyway, think I'll get into bed and do some reading. That way I'm guaranteed to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow with the light on, the book splayed across my bed all crumpled and have glass imprints all over my face as I fell asleep wearing them :p

Did I say I had a really nice evening?

Thank you loads! xx


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