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LJ Supermaze Game

borusa has come up with an interesting time-wasting game which, apparently having time to waste today, I've just tried out.

The idea is to choose one of your interests and then select someone with that same interest at random and try and find your way back to your own LiveJournal by using their Friends.

To reiterate borusa's actual rules
What you do is select an interest from your list, then choose someone you have never ever heard of who shares it. Your mission is to navigate back to your own journal by clicking from friend to friend.

The aim is to get as low a score as possible, and you get a point every time you click a link. You can't go back though, so just getting "home" is the real acheivement.

You get bonus points taken off if you go through someone whose location is in Australia. This is known as "being caught in the Strine-trap", and it can be markedly difficult to escape.

Added rules

1) After the initial jump (which can be done from a shared interest, or less-interestingly from random user) you must navigate only by using friends list (not friend-of).
2) You can't go back to a user you have previously visited unless there are no other options available to you.
3) Using communities is cheating, and will get you sent to Norman-No-Mates, who lives in Iowa.
I'm fairly please with myself as I managed to get home in nine moves, which is pretty darn good - expect to be travelling a long time if you make the wrong choices folks!

The interest I choose was 'Skinny Puppy' and my route home (which only took me to America and Canada) was as follows:

Interest: Skinny Puppy 

leapielee (North Carolina, USA)
devoidofthought (
Ontario, Canada)
intravenous (?)
harmony314 (
Washington, USA)
atomic_kitty (
Washington, USA)
maryssa (
California, USA)
wickedthought (?,
muskrat_john (
Wisconsin, USA)
angusabranson (ME!)


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