Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Nazi and Communist Imagery

Some of the Euro MEP's have proposed banning Communist symbols, such as the hammer and sickle, as well as Nazi symbols claiming it's only fair to ban both if one were to be banned because of the suffering caused under the Communist regimes in many of the member nations countries.

This has made me think as I really don't want to see communist imagery banned (to be honest I don't think it's right to place an outright ban on Nazi imagery either) but both systems caused many thousands of deaths and bad conditions for many who lived under them. I do view the Nazi's in a very different light though and I guess this is hypocrisy on my part, and on many others.

I am more than happy waering communist symbols on clothing and indeed many use its symbols (or those of its heroes) in fashion these days. Yet the regime was just as bad as the Nazi's. In essence it was worse as it lasted far longer and has spread to most corners of the world. Yet we seem to happily embrace the imagery of one whilst villifying the other.

Why have we embraced the Communist symbols and heroes (such as Che Guevara) so readily whilst the Nazi regime's peronalities and symbols have become taboo?

EU Ban Urged On Communist Symbols (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 3rd February 2005)

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