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Devoid...Pt II

(In best Anthony Stewart Head voice...) Previously on "Angus: The Inadequate Messiah".....

Much ranting was had which included the following line:

"You watch, I'll wake up tomorrow and end up being as sweet as pie to person/people again."

I'm now awake. I am however still f**ked off which may, or may not, be a good sign.

In anycase I'm going to go to work and take my mind off things for a few hours. Thanks to everyone who commented last night btw. Just read them and it's appreciated. I wish I could share things more but I find it very hard to put my full trust in people. Mainly because many people seem to be inately untrustworthy or unreliable in the end. There is really no one who knows all about me. Some people have come very, very close (Delphine and Belinda) but it's hard. Letting people inside is difficult because I always feel that one day they won't be there or may not be a friend anylonger and the idea of having someone who knows all about me who then hates me or doesn't talk to me is worse than just keeping things inside. It's the old eternal search I guess.

Hopefully I'll find it one day, and then the Earth will probably be obliterated to make way for a interplanetary freeway knowing my luck :(

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