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The Interrogation Part V

Questions provided by incandescens

The Rules
If you want to be asked some questions pop a comment in here and ask, i'll ask you 5 questions which you then answer and pop in your LJ, and put this offer up...




(1) (stolen from drivingblind) Your life is, as it is, quite ordinary -- but there is a hidden truth, hidden even to you. In the japanese manga that is about your ordinary life, and this hidden truth, describe the page in which the hidden truth is revealed to you.


Knowing me I’d risk life and limb to find that page only for it to burst into flame at first sight to the sound of Gods laughter. Either that or find that my hidden truth has been jotted down on the back of a beer mat and smudged over the important parts.


(2) What was the first game you ran, as opposed to playing? (If you've never run one, why not?)


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. I think I ran my first game in 1984 a couple of months after starting to play. It was in America and for one of my cousins and one of his friends. I can’t remember anything about it now though.


(3) If you could site Leisure Games anywhere at all in London, where would you like to put it?


If money was no object? I’d open up on Oxford Street. It’s the most central shopping area in London and the busiest. Easy to get to and a hell of a lot of passing trade. I looked realistically at starting up a shop in Camden in the mid-90’s and still feel that the area has great potential for a games shop – lots of alternative/studenty/tourist types, easy access, and a great comic shop (Mega City Comics) nearby.


(4) Money, costume, props, and setting are no problem. What would your ideal LARP be?


If the politics and hierarchy could be done correctly then I’d go for Dune every time. I love the political/religious aspects of the series and would love to see a live-action version of it. I’d also love to have an ‘immersion’ style LARP where you played 24/7 for several weeks – totally getting into character and living every aspect of the world. With political games this would be especially good as nothing beats real-time politics :-p


(5) Who would you like to be able to have as guests at GenCon UK?


I’m not a big ‘Guests’ person. For games conventions with guests I’d prefer them to stick to people who work within the industry – be they artists, authors, line developers or whatever. Stick to someone relevant. Sure, Buffy might pull in a lot of extra punters but she wouldn’t have any real relevance to the games – although she’d certainly be better than an Ewok or Stormtrooper….. I’d go for industry personalities such as John Wick, Mike Pondsmith, Greg Stafford, Croc, Monte Cook, etc. People that gamers would want to meet and be able to talk to. To hear what they have to say about various aspects of the industry, etc.


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