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B-Movie, pubs and Valentines

Well, that was a fun weekend, and I only went £30 over my allocated budget (opps!!) :D

I had a great time at B-Movie (again) and there were LOADS and LOADS of people down there, some of whom I hadn't seen in ages. Much drinking, chatting, piss-taking, dancing and 80's-cheese was had with the likes of Dax and Becki, Donya, Valeria, corone, Claire, gypseymission</span></span>, bluehelen, Dave K, wyldcard, silver_blue, Lacey, cobraprime, hareb_sarap, Maggie, stitchface, dredd_bob and many others. It was also angelalyce's birthday and she was down there with pond823, Sussie and others but I didn't find them for the best part of the evening. I believe everyone had fun and they beat me back to the house (somehow?).

Music was fun and the company was fab. Another great Friday night :D

Saturday was actually a bit of a surprise. I had Maggie staying for the weekend from Manchester. She came down to come clubbing and generally hang-out. Now I've only met Maggie a few times and was a bit worried that a weekend might seem a bit 'long' in someways, especially as the main person she came down to see (Dave) wasn't around apart from Friday evening. Anyway, she was staying at Chez Angus so we headed to the pub for lunch on Saturday to grab some food and decide what to do for the rest of the day. We shouldn't have bothered wondering what to do. We got to the pub around 1ish and before we realised it was after 7pm and dark! We'd been chatting about pretty much everything under the sun and (with the occasional interruption from Balazs - a young Hungarian barman who always chats to me there and actually gave me his number to go for drinks/clubbing sometime with him and his girlfriend) the day flew by courtesy of what started off as soft srinks and then sunk progressively into 'The Hard Stuff'(tm) :p

We then decamped from North Finchley to Finchley Central and The Dignity (via a very Chinese) where we ended up staying until almost midnight. Then it was back home and, as we were both wide awake (although a bit tipsy) we ended up watching music vids on Sky until about 4am. It was good chatting and I must say I was pleasently surprised that we found each other good company (in a completely platonic and 'I don't fancy you way':). I seem to have found myself another friend and also a travelling partner (she wants to do weekend breaks but didn't have anyone to go with the same as me, so we decided to hit a few together at somepoint).

Today was Sunday roast at The Dignity, seeing Maggie onto the train, and then work. Tomorrow is Valentines Day so I'll probably be at home along having a bowl of cereal and doing some work. The person who I'd really like to spend Valentine's Day with is not going to be available so I'll have to keep myself amused and hope I can catch up with them later in the week (if they're and b....would like to? :)

Oh well, back to work I guess. I hope you all had good weekends and to catch up again shortly.



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