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The last few years have really seen me at one of the lowest points of my life so far. Not in an emotional way (although I have certainly had low points during this time) but in terms of my creativity and motivation. This has, in turn, seen an incredible drop in my productivity.

This is doubly annoying as I am a point in my life, for a change, where I can actually take control of such things and see them through the stages to print form. Although I'm currently not working on any of the commissioned projects for Cubicle 7 my low motivation has certainly affected the company to a certain degree. Lucikly I have some very talented people working for me so I don't have to worry 'too' much about my own creativity downturn, I just have to make sure the business side of operations work and that the various people in the chain can fulfil their commitments (be they writers, artists, editors, layout artists, etc).

There are projects which I am truly and deeply excited about and I would love to work on (both within Cubicle 7 and without for other companies or my own independant projects) but I need to have a pick-me-up of somekind. The only problem is I don;t know what kind of 'pick-me-up' I need. My most creative times came about when I was younger and to a certain extent when I was depressed. In fact at one point I could manipulate my moods quite easily from 'happy' to 'brooding' to 'depressed' - to an extent I can still do it today although I've not artificially changed my moods (to the negative) for some time. I used to really enjoy locking myself away in my room with a bottle of southern comfort, a packet of fags (or some dope), some good music and my trusty typewriter. Some of the results were, in my opinion, very good. I'd like to try and capture that again but I feel tired. I have slipped into some sort of zone that sucks creativity and motivation from my mind and body. I need to somehow escape from this.

I've thought about taking holidays, about going on complete weekend benders with dubious cocktails and even more dubious friends, trying to storm my system with some kind of 'buzz' to jolt me awake. There are people I'd like to see and hang out with that do wonders to how I feel. Whose company wakens me.

Music still inspires me (both live and recorded), so does reading good books or even (sometimes) seeing great films. I don't know. Maybe I do need a break. A little holiday with a close friend or three. Something different.

Whatever, the end result is I need to break from this zone that I've found myself stuck in.

Any suggestions folks?


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Feb. 17th, 2005 10:37 pm (UTC)
How about,
come back from a club on a friday night slightly earlier,
and sit at a computer and write something, anything at all.
If you are buzzed from a good club experience, but still awake enough to write you'll get some interesting things, and get back into the habit.

Also, I find nothing gets me writing quicker than seeing something get into print. So when you get a copy of the hunter sheets in your hands that may get you all inspired again.

Lastly, deadlines really help. I'm pants at getting stuff done for me,
but having a deadline usually pushes me to get done things I didn't think I could.
Feb. 18th, 2005 01:26 am (UTC)
getting to print is a buzz, seem to be sleeping every other night now and I'm working non stop.

At the end of the day Motivation is good, and having people out their telling you what your doing is great also helps.

Or do what I'm doin and take inspaation form doing somthing really differant, that you know will upset a number of peopel in the US RPG comunity.

Maybe thats it you need to be starta projectwher you know you can make a differance and gives you a chance to think outside the box. I find the box very consraining and find I cannot work within it.
Feb. 18th, 2005 02:54 am (UTC)
As always, if you ever want a week or a weekend away from it all in the country, we have an attic with your name on it. It even has a computer with all mod cons... except a net connection, so that when I go up there to work I have no distractions.
Feb. 18th, 2005 09:53 am (UTC)
Just do it
There is no try. The best trick is to sit down every day and do two or thre minutes, on anything, then maybe ten and build yourself up. First thing in the morning is best for creativity. It will start to flow again, you just need to open the door.

And writing LJ doesn't count, in fact it is probably a negative.

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