Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Cold Feet

Gee, it's chilly not only under the cold blue sky of day but in the wee hours of night too. My feet are f**king freezing, and I've left my socks and slippers on :(

I guess I should really try and hit the sack but once again I find myself decidely unsleepy. Which is a pain in zee rear end, Mind you I have a day off tomorrow so don;t have to wake up 'early', still it'd be nice to have some of the morning.

Tomorrows plans include meeting up with Kathryn for lunch in Leicester Square (and probably drinks, etc, in the afternoon until she needs to go to work) and meeting Leena sometime tomorrow afternoon/early evening as she's potentially interested in taking the spare room. As I don't think I've ever met Leena before (although apparently we may have done in Reading a few years ago) it'll be interesting to meet up for a drink and a chat and see whether or not we think we'd kill each other co-inhabiting :p

My duvet is looking promising. May go and chuck on a DVD or something. Not really in a reading mood (although saying that I have a rather large backlog of things to read......

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