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Gothy Silliness

Someone on one of the goth LJ Forums just posted a link to site with loads of Gothic Jokes. Whilst I'll let you browse if you're interested I thought I'd copy a handful here as I thought they were amusing......

How do you get a goth out of a tree?
Cut the rope!
Theres a goth walking down the road with a rat on his shoulder. An old
lady walks past, stops, stares at the two and says "Yeuk! What are you
doing with that revolting creature?"
"Squeak squeak squeak!" says the rat.
Wayne Hussey dies and goes to heaven. At the pearly gates, he meets up
with Gabriel who gives him the grand tour of heaven. While touring he
sees many familiar faces including Jimi Hendrix, Ian Curtis, Mary
Shelly, and of course Nick Fiend kinda shows up once in a while... And
then he sees Andrew Eldritch Sitting on a HUUUGE throne.. Wayne Says to
Gabriel "I didn't know Andrew was dead!" Gabriel replies, "Oh, that's
God(tm) He only thinks he's Andrew."
How does a perkygoff paint his ceiling black?
He dyes his hair and starts bouncing.

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