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1. Did a two hour live radio broadcast on BBC Radio 5.
2. Ran a mini marathon (13 miles) when I was 13.
3. Been in a plane which was struck by lightning and another plane that had an electrics failure and crash landed.
4. Saved my sister from drowning when I was 8.
5. Appeared on calendars in France when I was about 5.
6. Almost got arrested by French police during a geography field-trip when we entered a restricted area to collect water samples due to the increased pollution levels that a factory (apparently restricted one - whoops) was pumping out. The police thought we were from Greenpeace or something :p
7. Studied Wicca under one of the most prominent and well-known Wiccan's in the UK.
8. Left London with the intent of 'finishing it all'. Only came back because I realised I didn't want to hurt my family and friends.
9. Was circumcised when I was 20.
10. Held $50,000 in cash (wrapped in newspaper) plus a gun.


Feb. 28th, 2005 04:46 am (UTC)
Well, seeing as I will see you in about three weeks I promise to PLY you with beers if only you will share your stories. They all sound fascinating :) I will arrive at the Riviera Sunday morning of the show and will try to be in public areas where I can easily be found. In fact, if I can dig up your email I'll send you my phone # and you can call me from your room when you check in so we can figure out where to meet up.

I'm curious as to why a Brit would get circumcised at all, actually. I thought only Americans did it for non-religious reasons.

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