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Hmm.. how to make a boring mundance few days sound interesting..... The art of writing seems to have left for greener pastures although saying that I am 'finally' starting to get back into the frame of mind where I can actually sit down and WRITE. Which is good and about goddamn time :p

The last few days have been rather non-eventful. I've been listening to lots of music, watching (bits) of various DVDs whilst trying to fall asleep (to various degrees of success), playing Championship Manager (yes, I know I'm sad and I know I've been playing this damn series for almost ten years now and should really look at other games to waste my time with....), and doing bits of reading and idea plotting.

I've also not been 100% between sore throats and dodgy tummies. Hopefully this will soon be at an end though as I'm about due to a spate of healthiness. Tomorrow we have the dreaded yearly stock take at work but it's the start of what will hopefully be quite a good week for me. Monday I'm supposed to be catching up with Sarah, Tuesday I have a Dragonmeet oragnisers meeting (to wrap everything up from 2004 and start planning for 2005 - which I'm still insistant that I won't be Chairing or on the committee for - I just have too many other things I want/need to do this year), Wednesday is my day off which will include meeting up with Melissa, buying NIN tickets and the Finchley Pub Meet in the evening, Thursday will have to be fairly quite as I'm up before the crack of dawn on Friday to go to Waterloo and catch the Eurostar to PARIS and catch up with Delphine and go shopping for supplies and books! Yay!

Anyway, won't bore you any longer. Toodle-pip and all that. Hope you all have a great weekend if I don't raid this machine again in a bit!!!

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