Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

This is the end....

Right, that's stock take finished for another year. I'm now about to head home and am 'hoping' to be on-line later but my wireless network has been playing up so I might not be able to :(

If not then I'll just have to watch more episodes of 'The Shield'. I got through the first three last night and do like the series. I only caught bits on TV when it was out (Dave was an addict) but it is really one of the most dark and gritty TV Cop shows around.

Have to try and finish it before Carnivale is released on DVD (a couple of weeks away now I think!) Yippee!!

One of the threads that spun away from my "10 Things I've Done" meme hs got me thinking about magic and philosophy again which is cool and for some reason (I actually have no real idea why!) I'm actually feeling very happy, buzzy and 'on top of the world' - and it's lasted most of the afternoon. A Happy Angus? (And not the cocktail invented at a friends 18th birthday all those years ago!) It seems so!


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