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(News) Bush's Pro-life Stance and Abortion

I'm sorry if this upsets some of you but I'm a big advocate of a woman's right to have an abortion. It really annoys me that certain countries have either made abortion illegal or are in the process of trying to move it that way.

A case in point is the US. George Bush Jnr's feelings on the subject are very well documented, as are his views on contraception and sex education. What annoys me further is that he is trying to enforce this view on other countries and citizens who are not American or living in America. Tying benefits and crucial aid packages to clauses that would prevent them being given to those in need if the country promotes condom use for example!
US Exports Anti_Abortion Policy (BBC News OnLine; Saturday 28th June 2003)

What furthers annoys me about Bush in particular is that whilst he is so 'Pro-life' in regards to abortion he had no problems as Governor of Texas signing execution orders for over 150 people!! That's certainly a very pro-life stand you're taking Mr President. And we'll not go into the thousands of innocents killed in Iraq shall we.......

US Sparks Row at UN Over Abortion (BBC News OnlIne; Monday 28th February 2005)

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