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Station Analysis Report (November 2003)

I just realised that I never posted up the mailshot that I sent round to a number of the SLA Industries Fan Lists and general RPG/Gaming websites and News Lists earlier this month. Considering the next one should be written and posted in about 7-10 days I thought I'd get the first one up here now.

This way all of you know what terrors I've let myself in for and what goodies are in-store for those SLA Industries and RPG fans amongst you.

So (deep breath) here goes......

Station Analysis Report 1 – November 2003

Hi folks,

Welcome to the first of the monthly SLA Industries Status Reports.

Here at Nightfall HQ we are planning on writing up progress reports to be mailed to the SLA Industries Fan List (Station Analysis as well as to be circulated around news sites, etc. So please feel free to forward these posts to people or sites that may be interested in finding out what we're up too!

The aim of these reports is to keep you all updated with the progress and news on SLA Industries itself and the companies supporting it. So without further ado let's start wetting your appetite for the future....

SLA's been through two of the biggest and most respected publishers in the RPG Industry during it's ten year lifespan. It's safe to say that without the support that both Wizards of the Coast and Hogshead Publishing showed the game during its time with them the game might not be around today. When James Wallis decided to bow out of the RPG industry and sell Hogshead Publishing on the license to publish SLA Industries reverted back to Nightfall Games Limited. We had been given a heads up from James a few months in advance of the final closure so had time to start thinking about the games future.

At the same time as SLA was returning to Nightfall Dave Allsop (SLA's creator) and myself (Angus Abranson) were in the process of starting up a new publishing company called Cubicle 7 Entertainment. It was our aim to use Cubicle 7 to publish some new ideas that we, and others, had floating around in development as well as translating some of the best foreign language games into English and supporting some existing well-known brands through third-party publishing licenses. We've been working on building up the company and it's first years worth of releases for the best part of twelve months and now, finally, have all of cogs oiled and in place.

It was decided that the best vehicle to promote SLA Industries would be Cubicle 7 Entertainment. Especially as this way Dave can take the reins as Line Developer on SLA and help give everyone the nightmares they deserve. We (Cubicle 7) are fully committed to taking SLA Industries into the future and are looking forward to building the game where Wizards of the Coast and Hogshead left off.

We are planning on releasing a series of books starting with Hunter Sheets Issue 1 in late Spring 2004. What follows are tasters of each of the titles currently planned for a 2004 release. More about estimated release dates, page counts, prices, etc will appear in future Station Analysis Reports and we hope to bring you previews of some of the artwork when the website is fully up and running (which should be by the end of the year).

Hunter Sheets focuses on 20 of the prominent SLA subversives operating in the World of Progress, ranging from the lethal rival company agents like Sniper D - an undefeated Dark Night Assassin, to the notorious Shian Blood Cultist - Elliot Raik.
GMs will find detailed backgrounds, game stats and how to utilize these villains in game.
Hunter Sheets also includes stats on new equipment, powers and the first Conflict Alien race to reemerge in the SLA Universe – The Krell…

The CS One sourcebook is an extensive guide to one of the most dangerous regions on the whole of Mort. Inside you’ll find extended background and descriptions of all its colorful inhabitants – Cannibal Clans, Carrien, and the Scavs.
CS One also talks about the sectors size and the important landmarks Operatives can explore. Players can get the new option to play Sleeper Shivers, or if the GM is feeling especially cruel, there are rules for running SLA Industries newest division – Cannibal Sector Operatives.
Other highlights include a whole collection of insects and vermin exclusive to CS One, and range of horrid diseases that even Ebb Healers will have trouble curing…

The first in a series of short World Books exploring civilizations, cultures, flora and fauna on SLA owned planets. We’re kicking off with the Resource World Jacinto ( also known as ‘Red Hell’). Widely regarded as a top safari venue for Contract Hunters, Jacinto is heavily populated with a wide variety of exotic (and deadly!) animals.
This supplement gives stats and background material for Razorheads, Vitchers and Nariks, which are mentioned briefly in Contract Directory.

Xaime is an Industrial/War World on the outer rim of the World Of Progress. For centuries it has been violent battleground for the forces of SLA Industries and Thresher Inc., but now the planet’s original inhabitants have returned to reclaim it – The Krell.

This book covers the most terrifying world in the SLA Universe. The D-Notice has finally been lifted, the truth uncovered. White Earth will explain its history, origins and its eternal prisoner – Bitterness.
Also included are extensive rules about how to run a White Earth campaign, the planets impact on the World of Progress and all other information pertaining to the Truth, which Slayer has struggled to keep, hidden over the centuries.
White Earth will be like nothing SLA fans will have seen before.

That's all for this month. If you would like to contact us please direct your emails to me at

Until next month, Stay SLA!

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment/
Nightfall Games Limited
London, UK
"You are where the forgotten wait."

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