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Friends, Romans, Countrymen....

I seem to have gathered a fair number of new friends in the last couple of weeks (14 have added me, 4 have unsubbed me - but 3 of those where name changes that also re-friended me (one even going through two name changes!)).

This made me wonder where I'm picking people up from and it looks like the following:

Clubbing (mainly B-Movie) - 2
Just Met Socially - 2
Old Friends (people I've known for 5+ years) - 2
Camarilla/RPG - 3
Because I Friended Them But Don't Know Them - 1
A Friend of a Friend - 1
LJ Name Changed - 3

(Of these all 14 are based in the UK and I've met 13 in person)

So it seems my role-playing ties are still slightly ahead but I'm glad to see my actual social life (when combined) is pulling more people to this Journal than my RPG/Industry activities currently are. It must mean that I do actually have a life outside of my work!!!! :D

Anyway, welcome aboard one and all I hope you enjoy the journey!

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