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I'm Mr Bad

I know I've been ranting about my money turning up (sorry folks) and it still wasn't in my account by this morning (although I have been assured it'll be there tomorrow - which gives me an afternoon/evening to find and book a hotel in Paris for Friday and Saturday nights - thanks bank!) but I needed to buy a few bits for Delphine as a belated Christmas present so headed in town with some *loaned* money.

Whilst there I was caught up in the *retail therapy* mindset at the HMV sale (again - I should really have a restraining order put on me not to enter that damn store....).

Apart from the pressies I picked up for Delphine (Firefly Season 1 and the Scissor Sisters and latest Interpol CDs) I ended up coming back with the following goodies for myself (I can justify this purchase by the fact I am soon to have a lot of money in my account - ok, lame excuse but hell it's made me feel better!):

Afrocelt Soundsystem - Volume 3: Further In Time
The Future Sound of London - Dead Cities
Kinks - The Ultimate Collection (44 tunes for only a £5!!! :p)
Miles Davis - The Complete Birth of the Cool (another double for a £5!!)
Joy Division - Still
Mr Scruff - Trouser Jazz
Mr Scruff - Keep It Unreal
Zero7 - When It Falls
Zero7 - Simple Things

So all in all I'm a bit of a jazzy and experimental Angus at the moment it seems. Not cutting my hair or stopping wearing black anytime soon though :D

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