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Only in Amerika: Student arrested on terror charges for 'zombie' story

I'd heard about this one from a few sources but finally got a link from gmskarka_feed to an actual news account of the situation.

Basically an 18 year old student in Kentucky has been arrested on Terror Charges after his grandparents found, and handed to police, a short story he'd been writing about a school being overrun by zombies. Said school was not his own nor where any of the characters. Apparently in Kentucky it is a crime to make any threat involving a school or function - so I guess they should start banning a lot of films, novels, etc over there!

The student says it is all a big misunderstanding as the story was for his English class whilst the judge has upped his bond from $1000 to $5000 due to 'the seriousness of the charge'.

Now there is a ton of things that should disturb everyone about this story but apart from the fact that he's currently in custody over writing a 'zombie' story it's also bloody worrying that HIS grandparents handed in the story to the police in the first place. 1984 anyone?

Student Arrested For Terroristic Threatening Says Incident A Misunderstanding (LEX18; Wednesday 2nd March 2005) (Lexington Kentucky News Station)

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