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(News) Star Trek Campaign (er, yes, this is *really* news!

Now I'm one of these people who DOESN'T LIKE STAR TREK. Sorry, needed to get that out of my system. The show does nothing for me (well, apart from Tribbles and Borg outfits) and I actually think it's very poor compared to a number of other programs. I'll admit to watching the original series on BBC2 when I was a kid and I saw a few of the earlier films, I even caught a few Next generation episodes I think but none in their entirity I'm fairly sure.... anyway, I'm digressing.....

The fact of the matter is that are there are plenty of MORE WORTHY causes to be raising money for. A group of fans (TrekUnited) is campaigning and trying to raise up to $30 million (or a good chunk thereof) to keep the latest Star Trek incarnation alive ('Enterprise') after it was canned by the US TV Network. Apparently a new season would cost that sum and they are holding meetings all over the world trying to raise the cash and protest at the shows cancellation. They have just received a pledge of $3 million from some people involved with the space flight industry. Now come on guys, I was upset when they canned Buffy/Angel/Firefly but there are better ways to spend money than raising it for new season - regardless of the show (and how I'd have loved any my favourites to have been extended) and ESPECIALLY STAR TREK!!!!

LET IT DIE!!!!!!

Anyway, it hit the news and you can read the story at Star Trek Campaign 'Raises $3m' (BBC News Online; Wednesday 2nd March 2005)

So please, if you're thinking of giving some money to TrekUnited. Think of the starving in Africa, the homeless on your own streets, Cancer or sufferers of other illnesses and think who 'really' needs that money more.

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