Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Its gone all French!!!!

You'll have to forgive me for any spelling mistakes today. I'm using a French keyboard and the letters are all wrong!!!!! Also my LiveJournal account is all in French but luckily I have enough French knowledge to just about navigate that one :)

Anyway, I'm into my last few hours and have a little time to kill before my train back to London. Just been wandering around Notre Dame this morning in the cold brisk air. Very nice (still very nice - I end up there every visit!).

I'll give a full update once I'm back in Finchley this evening but the last fez days have been very nice. Even if I did only manage one and a half hours sleep on Thursday night before coming over here courtesy of Sarah and Bug and WAY too wine and Southern Comfort :) Didn't have a hangover though - hehe!

Been on a bit of a spending spree - apart from loads of nez books I also picked up a load of Lisa Gerrard and Dead Can Dance CDs in a sale over here ane Delphine also brought me a couple of DVDs as a pressie (I also got myself Vidocq which I saw years ago but have wanted my own copy for ages since then!). Lots of good food too :)

Delphine only stayed until 7pm Saturday. She was due to catch the last train ho,e at around midnight but the poor girl wasn't feeling 100% and I was also nervous about her catching such a late train. The end result ended up with me wandering around the Latin Quarter for most of the evening, having a great meal by myself and then getting plied with alcohol by some Italians on their honeymoon.

Hmmm.... not sure how much time I have left on the internet here so I'd better stop and upload this before I get cut-off and my French-keyboard navigation skills account for nothing!!!!

Speak to you all son my lovelies!!!!

Bious from France!!!!

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