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A Fistful of Tunes.....

Howdy pardner,
You heard that I was down the 'Rats back in March 04.
Yeah I was there.  What's it to you?
Just interested? There's nothing and no one who's "Just Interested" round these parts pardner. Everyone has their reasons. Every question has hidden meanings. You gotta get smarts quick or get a better poker face if you want survive round here.
Still, grab a bottle of whiskey and some cards and I'll tell you about the 'Rats. Yeah, I was there. I was there......

You can tell the police in London and the 'terrorist threats' facing the capital city aren't incredibly efficient. Or at least they assume goths are so unthreatening as to do anything. The amount of six-shooters on show yesterday for the western themed B-Movie was more than enough to bring down the armed response unit (which wouldn't have been the first time I was confronted by armed police...grrr...) but everyone was on their best behaviour with the assortment of cap-guns and water-pistols on show. I think I liked meryc's best though :D

B-Movie was quieter than usual last night - largely due to a number of parties going on - but it still drew in a good crowd and funnily enough I found myself chatting to more people last night than usual because there was space to move around and chat properly. Also the dance floor whilst still being busy was not totally cramped out as it can be on occasions. I also managed to pull ukmonty and nidificate to the club and went clubbing for the first time in probably a good five or six years with melissamilitelo which was a very nice change. jamespond and his lovely wife Rowan also met us in the club as did the wonderful Daz and Becky - Although Daz was trying to ban me from sherbert which I wasn't so happy about! Bad boy! corone and Claire also came along for a boogie and chats.

Musically the club played a little bit more Industrial than usual - which was really nice. Rammstein, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Minstry, My Life With the Thrill Kill Cult, etc.... all good stuff, even if at points I thought the DJs where trying to kill me. I even went into the classic 'two steps forward, two steps back' goth dance routine at times last night to Sisters of Mercy and Bauhaus :o

It must have been the pvc trousers influencing me.....

I also managed to catch up with a whole bundle of people who I've not chatted to for AGES including the aforementioned meryc and his lovely wife hsb, the charming cookwitch and mundenlogic, the delightful ingenue_the who let me into some of the stories behind her Top Ten Things Meme that went round a couple of weeks ago. Would like to have caught up with a few people a little more but between dancing, drinking, smoking, socialising and trying to get my sherbert fix without Daz looking it was a bit hard.

Anyway, it was a brilliant evening. Thanks again to all of the crew involved. Roll on 'Bride of Frankenstein' next month to celebrate the Royal Wedding that is taking place the same day!!!</span>

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