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What Goes On

mooncadet managed to shuffle down to London yesterday despite her cold and general blergness. I popped down to Victoria and met her in The Iron Duke before telecommunication with ukmonty and heading off to Leicester Square and meeting up with his good self, nidificate and davywavy.

After then discovering that all the pubs in the area seemed to be showing the Rugby matches (or FA Cup Quarter Finals) we wandered up Charing Cross Road and ended up in The Crow Bar. A nice little metal dive with cheap drinks (well, a bottle of wine was £5 but with wine that cheap who needs to look at the rest of the bar prices! ;p). So to the sounds of hard and classic rock music the five of us whiled away the afternoon generally talking bollocks and having a good laugh

Hunger started settling in after 7 and Monty and Dave remembered a place in Old Compton Street called 'The Stock Pot' or something similiar which served cheap wholesome food. And I can confirm their assessment. The place is fab and must be remembered for future reference. The menu was incredibly cheap, the portions good and the food very good. Yum Yum.

We then headed back to Monty's and watched Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow - which is still a fun movie. People started flaking (which was not surprising after the afternoons drinking and Friday nights activities) so Mel and myself headed back to mine and ended up watching Bjork's 'Greatest Hits' DVD (all 21 tracks of Bjork goodness!) before crashing out. I left her sleeping this morning as she ws still feeling poorly, poor thing.

When she surfaced she toddled off home and I wandered up to my mothers (whom I hadn't actually been to since New Year - naughty son!) as it was Sister #2's (Dominique) birthday. All three sisters where there as where two of the three respective boyfriends and my mother. Much roast beef munching was had along with chatting and general catching up. A ll in all a very pleasent weekend with many of the required ingredients involved (partying, drinking, dancing, friends, movie watching, good eating and family :D)

Sasha (pond823) is moving out tomorrow so I'll be the only one here until a new lodger moves in. Part of me is sad to see him (and Aly who in all aspects has basically been living here for the last few months too) go but in others I am really looking forward to living by myself for a month or so and then getting to know someone new. I'll still be seeing Sasha anyways as he'll no doubt be over for some gaming and chilling out every so often - plus I'll catch him at The Dev or out clubbing. I think this could actually be good for our friendship apart from anything else as we'll probably spend more time together and chatting than we have done recently living together!

Anyway, new week ahead. We'll see what this one brings....

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