Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Boardgames, Vienna Calling and Manchester Chicks

Just spent a very pleasent evening playing boardgames with Mr Dominic. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy gaming and have made a resolution to get more games of all sorts played. Christ, I have enough of the damn things I should really get some use out of them! Plus I could call it 'market research' and 'staff training' if I really had to start justifying myself :p

This evening we had two games of the classic SPACE HULK by Games Workshop (I played the Marines in the first game and the genestealers in the second - The Genestealers won both games!) followed by a couple of games of the brilliant CARCASSONNE by Rio Grande Games. Dom had never played Carcassonne before but he really enjoyed it despite loosing on both attempts (grins).

Plans are afoot for another session next week if we can fit it in.

Vienna Calling
I'm off to Vienna! Yay! I've never been to Austria before and Vienna is a city I've wanted to see for many, many years (and no, not just because of my strong Tremere connections). I'm leaving on Friday 29th April and coming back on Monday 2nd May. Maggie has arranged it all (bless her) and we're using it as a tester to see if we get along as travelling companions with the view of hitting Rome and a few other places around Europe over the coming months. I've been wanting to go travelling again for bloody ages but haven't really had anyone with the money who wanted to go to. Of course for future trips if anyone else fancies coming along the more the merrier!

Manchester Chicks
What is it with women at the moment? A load of the women in my life at present seem to either live in Manchester or have strong connections with it!! What gives? I've not even been to Manchester for a good 3-4 years since the Camarilla National which was held in the hotel up there and the great night at Gilly's Rock World (or whatever it's called!). I guess I should go up there again and then meet a load of women from London or something!! (Remembers the time years ago that he went clubbing in Nottingham only to end up snogging someone who lived in West London! Duh!)

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