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Words fail me in regards to the two new appointments at the UN and The World Bank.

The New US Ambassador to the UN is John Bolton who is possibly one of the most anti-UN people on Bush's staff (The Enemy Within; Guardian Unlimited; Thursday 10th March 2005)

And Paul Wolfowitz has been named as the key nomination to become the new head of the World Bank, much to the dismay of many aid agencies, charaities and (reading between the lines) many countries which don't have USA as their initials. (Dismay at Wolfowitz's Nomination; BBC News OnLine; Thusrday 17th March 2005)


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Mar. 17th, 2005 02:51 pm (UTC)
I'm curious to see how it's going to pan out, actually.

It's potentially not as bad as it looks. John Bolton's appointment means that the anti-UN person has to actually engage with them as a body on a regular basis. While Wolfowitz is an interesting choice for the World Bank, but frankly the scaremongering that he would alter it to a political mission is a bit late actually, seeing as the role it and the IMF play in enforcing various free trade conditions on third world countries already goes beyond development aid.

And frankly the UN in particular needs a kick up the arse. It could be an effective and useful body in terms of international relations, but it's not. It's effective in terms of humanitarian and aid projects, but that's not it's raison d'etre. Being forced to react to a highly critical "inside man" in Bolton might, if we're lucky, force it to reevaluate itself as an institution.
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