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Yay! New toys for Angus!

Well I was going to buy these last week but due to dodgy internet connections I held off. Now doing some late night internet shopping whilst feeling poorly has cheered me up so I'm glad I waited!

Courtesy of CD-WOW.COM and PLAY.COM I'll be receiving the following goodies. So start shouting if you want to come over and have a film night with me at somepoint!!

Moon Child (Japanese film set in 2014)
Casshern (Japanese sci-fi film)
The Incredibles (2 discs of Pixar excellence!)
Ginger Snaps (Canadian Werewolf film - good film and completes my set of them)
Dawn of the Dead 2004 Directors Cut (Zombies!!!:)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean horror film - comes highly rated and not advised for those with a nervous disposition)
The Shield - Complete Season 2 (more hard nosed corrupt but noble cop action)
I, Robot (Sci-Fi Action)

I also ordered the new Bloc Party and The Bravery CDs.

Shame none of these will be here before next week. I want to see some of them NOW!!! I've been waiting for over a year for Casshern to be released!! Grrr....


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