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Weekend Plans

I am hoping to feel well enough to go out for a bit this weekend. After two days of largely being at home I am beginning to feel slightly better and as long as I don't overdo it (er, yeah) I should be fine.

Still, cancelled all clubbing plans for tonight. That would just not be a good idea AT ALL. But at least by cancelling I don't have to choose to go and see friends at Synthetic Culture *or* go and see friends at Sin City. I can just relax at home and watch a DVD (or spend all night on bloody LJ!) instead :)

As for the rest of the weekend, well....

Lunch in Camden tomorrow with snesgirl followed by bluehelen's party Saturday night. Then on Sunday I'm travelling into the wilds to go and see mundenlogic and co for an afternoon/evening of 'chilling' with DVDs, Boardgames, and good company.

Then it's back to work on Monday for me.

Of course all of the above is on the condition that I'm feeling better, both for my sake and for everyone else's as I don't want to contaminate people - I don't hate you all that much really you know! :p

Another possibility is just not overdoing it at bluehelen's and coming home at a reasonable hour in a reasonable state and also not staying at mundenlogic's too late (although I'll have to check train times back to London in anycase!).

Still, should be fun and action packed if all goes according to plan.

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