Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Poetry) Silent Poetry

Silent Poetry

I want to show you reasons
Why you should stay here
I want to tell you things
That my heart wants you to know
But I can’t find the right words
To tell you that I love you
And I want you to be here.
This time may be forever
The way my heart feels
But I know it won’t be for a day
If I can’t open up and tell you
That I think you’re so special
And I can’t bear to see you leave.
When you’re not around me
I feel so alone and empty
These things scare me
Because I want to know that you’re okay
And that you are having fun
And if that makes you happy
You can have whatever you want
Just please stay in touch
And as much as I doubt it
I’ll still hold hope for tomorrow
I wish I could have shown you
I wish I could have found some words
But the poet in me was silenced
When I needed him the most.
You’re so special
But now are you really just memories
And wishes without substance
When I really need to feel
Something more.
Move over and give me some thought
I want to give you a reason
Why you should be here now
I want to let you know
What I feel inside
I want you to want to be with me
Everytime I laugh and cry
I want there to be a beginning
Because the ends are so hard
And I still love you.

(Taken from 'Cry To Me')
This was originally dedicated to Angela although I never sent her a copy.

Tags: poetry

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