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Nine Inch Nails New Single Preview

Nine Inch Nails new single "The Hand That Feeds" is now up on their website ( along with the video. It's in their 'Current' section.

Personally it's a bit guitar-oreintated for me and sounds a tad more mainstream than a lot of their previous stuff (barring The Perfect Drug of course).

Still, nice to get a preview :p

In other news I'm fighting a headache (not brought on by the NIN single, I had it before then) and have just signed myself up to deliver a load of LibDem leaflets to the residents of Finchley next week. Electioneering is beginning to gather steam (I met someone I know delivering New Labour leaflets earlier too!). In a couple of weeks time we're even announcing the LibDem parliamentary candidate for the area and have a pre-election meeting.

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