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Random Music....

.....and I mean random this evening.

What's up with 'Do Me Bad Things'? Has anyone else heard them or seen their "What's Hideous" video? Boy are they strange. They look like a bunch of friends who go to the pub together and decided to start a weird glam band. The band is such a strange mix of people (and how many of them are there actually in the band? 8? 9?). The video is surreal. I'm really not sure if I like them or not (unlike The Darkness who still haven't grown on me). Their music has been described as Alice Cooper meets the B-52's meets Screaming Trees via Doo-Woop! Oh, and apparently they come from Croydon (so I'm blaming you for them snesgirl!)

Basement Jaxx - saw their 'Oh My Gosh' video whilst tucking into my dinner (I ordered pizza for the first time in ages as I didn't feel up to cooking - me bad). WOW. What a brilliant (if at times disturbing) video.

I think I may have also fallen inadvertantly in love with The Faders (www.thefaders.co.uk) who I've just discovered are actualy a British band (although their video is "so" American I thought they were too...). The music is alright but the girls are stunning. I'm sad, I know. But hey, they are just so cute! (Hmm... also just found out they're only 18/19 so I may have to ammend my lust otherwise I'll sound like a dirty old man!) (Oh and I'm sure 'No Sleep Tonight' has nicked Iggy Pop's drums from 'Lust for Life')

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