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No Partying For Me :-(

I'm staying at home tonight which SUCKS.

I've had a headache since I got back from Camden this afternoon and it's not shifted (actually it's gotten slightly worse) despite taking it easy and taking pills.

So no partying round at bluehelen's to celebrate her 22nd birthday (Happy Birthday Girl!!!). Mind you the party is lasting all night so if I perk up in a bit I can always change my mind. Although at the moment curling up in bed is looking an 'incredibly' attractive option.

Whilst in Camden I met up for a couple of drinks with snesgirl and Ian at The Worlds End before doing a little bit of shopping and then hitting Wagamama's for a late lunch. They then toodled off to look at craft stalls and I headed homeward.

I picked up a few new CD's (End of Flowers, Bird Without Wings and Cholymelon all by Diary of Dreams and Angel Dust by Blutengel) and also a couple of Graphic Novels (The Authority Book 4 and Global Frequency Book 1). I also popped into The Dev briefly for a quick chat with Robin.

Anyway, the screen is hurting my eyes so I'm signing off now.

Night night folks and apologies BIG TIME to everyone I was hoping to see tonight :(

Party hard for me (not that you'll need any more excuses to do so :p)

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