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Alert Status Decreased (Muppetness Still Evident)

Panic over. The nice lady at EasyJet (Sharon) has helped me out and I am saved (even if my reputation is now going to be mud for making the mistake in the first place :p)

The problem? I'm off to Conpulsion in EDINBURGH next week. I'm really looking forward to this for a number of reasons. Firstly I have never been to Scotland in my life, secondly I get a chance to meet up with loads of friends and meet new ones, thirdly I get to do talks about the industry and general bollocks (grins), fourthly I get to see Dave for the first time since he moved out to go and live in GLASGOW.

It was this last thought that was in my sleepy brain as I was booking the tickets.

Dave lives in Glasgow. I'm seeing Dave next weekend. Dave lives in Glasgow. Glasgow.... Glasgow....

Oh look I've just gone and f**king booked a return flight to f**king Glasgow!!!



Sramble to find EasyJets phone number, waiting (at 65p per minute!!), waiting, PANIC, I'M A MUPPET, waiting, "Hello you're through to EasyJet, my name is Sharon...."

Thank God, please HELP ME, for I AM A MUPPET!!!!!

"No problem sir..."

Fast forward a few minutes later and I'm sorted.

I am now going to EDINBURGH, and I've managed to get a later return flight on Monday too so I can hang out with malc and co on Monday mornign and actually have lunch (and recover from any hangovers).

Still, look it's Angus.....MUPPET!!!!!

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