Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(News) Hell's Grannies Menacing our Pavements!!!

I really shouldn't laugh but sometimes  my evil streak just gets the better of me. Well, probably more 'black humour' than outright evil I guess but when I read paragraphs such as "One woman reportedly died when she reversed her wheelchair off a pier into the sea." in an article about "Hell's Grannies" (OAP's on motorised wheelchairs who are bad drivers) it made me snigger.

For the full article about the biggest menace to our pavements since skateboarders...... Wheelchairs Prompt Safety Fears (BBC News OnLine; Tuesday 22nd March 2005)

I will attempt to do a proper update when I get home if I'm not having "connection problems". I ended up being offline most of yesterday evening for some reason. I am now back at work but am still not feeling 100% which sucks. Weekend ended up being a total wipeout as I failed to be well enough to make both the party and Sunday afternoon DVD/Games/Relaxathon as I felt shite. Still, managed to get to Camden and see Dee and Ian on Saturday for a bit even if I did get all headached afterwards. Anyway, fingers-crossed I'll be able to chat to you all later tonight.


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