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Update of nothing :(

Well, earlier I said I'd update this evening but it turns out that I haven't actually done anything since Saturday's trip to Camden in the PM.

The rest of the weekend was spent feeling ill and cancelling all my social engagements :(

I'm so sorry to everyone that I said I'd see. I just didn't feel up to anything and stayed at home.

I was supposed to be out tonight havign a chat with someone who has a new game idea and wanted my feedback and thoughts on it and possible marketing techniques. I had to cancel him too and rearrange for a future date. I will not be cancelling tomorrow though as it's happening at my house so even if I still feel a bit poorly I don't have to go anywhere and can just curl up afterwards and go straight to sleep :)

Tomorrow night I have MrDominic, Seth and Nicole coming over for some boardgaming (yay!). After last weeks session with Dom it sort of rekindled our desire to play more ofter. Don't know what we'll be playing yet so it'll be a nice surprise.

Anyway, sorry for lack of life. Hopefully it'll be rediscovered soon enough. If nothing else I'm up in Scotland at the weekend so will hopefuly have interesting things to write about when I get back.

Take care folks!

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