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"The UK CD albums market grew by 4.5% in 2004 with a record 174.6 million units sold. On average every Briton buys 3.2 CDs per person per year." - 3.2 CDs per YEAR!!!! Christ, It's a quiet when I don't buy 1-3 CD's in a WEEK! All I can say is that there must be plenty of people out there who never buy a CD! This also reminds me of the figures from a few years ago that said the average British household had a total of 3 books! (Looks at his shelves and shelves of books). Er, well I guess I've never been accused of being average.....

UK "World's Biggest Music Buyer" (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 22nd March 2005)

Also in the news...... Rise of Zombie PCs "Threatens UK" (BBC News On-Line; Tuesday 22nd March 2005) - 25.2% of all hijacked computers (zombie machines) are based in the UK (24.6% in the US and 7.8% in China). Make sure you're firewalled up and have upto date virus checkers folks! I'd hate to see your beloved computers have to take headshots to put them down!


Mar. 23rd, 2005 09:37 am (UTC)
There was a study a few years ago, they found tus out:

Most people don't like music.

They may like the odd track in passing, especialy if there is a memory attatched to it, hence the handful of pop party favorates that exist. That's also why so much is spent pomoting new music, as the record companies have tp persuade people they want album x.

OTOH, if you like music, you realy like it, and the other view point is inconcevable, which will be us.

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