Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


I still feel knackered. Have done all day. This is the first time having less than four hours sleep (and not on multiple days in a row!) has left me feeling tired and aching. My legs feel heavy and I'm seriously considering an early night tonight so I'm alive and refreshed for my trip to Scotland and the convention over the weekend!

Still today has been interesting. Pretty much confirmed some of my own business plans (yay!) which should see fruitation in the very near future. Had some ideas for a few other things which have been put into order of priority to be acted upon once the machine is oiled and working properly. Had a great idea for a 'teaser' LJ for a couple of lines but technology has conspired against me so can't do it (or at least I can't do it on LJ at least which is a shame).

Also, thanks to cookwitch I ended up spending more money on DVDs from PLAY because she mentioned that the BBC 1981 Series 'The Triffids' is coming out. I went and checked it (and it's not out for another week or two) and whilst their ended up being tempted by some very cheap priced DVDs I've been after for a while (plus a couple of not-so-discounted ones). Grrrr.... I will make her pay next time I see her.....(I picked up Spiderman II, Strange Days, The Last Temptation of Christ, Hana-Bi, Dark Fury - The Chronicles of Riddick (Animated), The Odessa File, The Hunger (YAY!!!!! - been waiting to get a copy of this for decades!!!), Hamlet (the modern adaptation with Ethan Hawke - I saw bits very late one night at Bugs and it looked pretty good so I've wanted to pick up a copy for some time), V (both the Original 2-parter plus The Final Battle).

Anyway food now. Stomach is telling me I must eat!

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