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Moved! (and now the aching begins....)

If any of you *ever* see me about to buy something which isn't food, drink or a gift, you have my permission to hit me hard.

One thing that moving this weekend has etched itself even further into my consciousness is that I have *way* too many things. And heavy things at that. Between books, CDs, Boardgames, Books, DVDs, Books, RPGs, Comics, LPs, Books, Videos and, er, more books and RPGs I am now amazed that the old flat really could hold them all and no one is suffering from too much back ache.

The new house is absolutely lovely though. It is spacious (well, will be once we empty all of the boxes currently spread across the living room), and shiny and new, has a great powerful shower, a massive kitchen full of mod cons, a garden (admittedly it's concrete but I've not had any garden for years and am *soooo* looking ofrward to throwing BBQ's over the summer!) and has a local newagent opposite and a row of small little shops and restuarants a few yards down the road for extra supplies/emgencies.

The one thing it doesn't currently have is a phone line though (or a TV ariel come to think of it) but that should be sorted in the week. Until then though we're only contactable on our mobiles and will only be checking emails/LJ at work (I've stayed late tonight to catch up on LJ!).

The new house is also turning into a hotbed of industry planning with Dave and myself (Nightfall Games and Cubicle 7) and Sasha (Pelgrane Press) all dreaming up new ideas to conquer the universe with ;-p

Hope to write more soon... take care everyone!


Feb. 16th, 2004 11:18 am (UTC)
Strange you should mention that.... I've had an old t-shirt of mine flogged in at a con auction before ;-p

I do have a number of limited editions which would probably pick up a fair few pennies at conventions (especially if I took them over to Ireland - land of the famous convention auctions) but most of the limited editions are things that i wanted and would like to keep. Not sure why as I have them all in regular editons too and don't use the Limited sets because I don;t want to damage them. Damn this collectors curse...

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