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Back, Readjusting, NIN Ticket, Irish, Too Much Email!

Hi folks,
I'm back in old London Town from the wilds and rain of Scotland. It seems I have 'rather alot' of emails to catch up on and very little time atm. Why do mailing lists suddenly explode into life when you go away for a few days???
I'll also try and catch up with my Friends Page over the next day or two but if anything important has happened please drop me a line. I'll also announce the winner of the Triffid Teasing competition so get any last minute results in :) Although it does sound like we already have a clear winner with that one :p
Anyway, quick bath and then to jolly old work for the a bit of culture shock trying to readjust to a non-Con/non-clubbing week.
Btw, I may very well have a NINE INCH NAILS ticket spare for TOMORROW (Wednesday 30th March) at THE ASTORIA as Sarah is currently on crutches and very unlikely to be able to survive the gig if she went. I have spares for the NIN July gigs so she's transferred seeing them until then when hopefully she'll be walking again and a lot less swollen and painful.
So if you are interested in seeing NIN in London tomorrow please drop me a line. Ticket is £25 (and these were going on ebay for £250 each a few weeks ago! If you decide to buy me a pint or two in addition to the ticket price I shan't complain :p)
Anyway, hopefully some updates soon and a quick HELLO TO ALL MY NEW IRISH FRIENDS!!!!! (I seemed to meet more Irish than Scottish in Edinburgh for some reason?!?!?)

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