Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Terry Pratchett and Stephen King Hardbacks Looking For a New Home...

One instant casualty of my realisation of having too much stuff is that I'm going to offload all of my Terry Pratchett and Stephen King Hardbacks.

I have an almost complete set of Pratchett's (Discworld and others) and a smuttering of King Hardbacks (mainly Club Editions I think).

Most of the books will have a stylised 'A' stamped in the front which stems back from my days of being the Angus Lending Library to friends ;-p Apart from that they are generally in near mint condition.


If you want one please contact me either on email, mobile, at work or leave a message here along with the titles your interested in. If I have them they can be yours for a donation which I'll then send with all other donations to a charity of my choice.

Any remaining books will be taken down to Oxfam or Cancer Research in Finchley Central.

If you don't live in London I can always mail the books to you but this will involve you paying me the postage costs.

Hope someone is interested, just let me know folks!

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