Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Quick Fire Update........

OK, behind on updating so here is a very brief firepoint update for you guys.....

Wednesday - Nine Inch Nails/The Dresden Girls gig at The Astoria. Went with the lovely stitchface and had a really good time at both the gig and also at The Cro Bar afterwards where we decamped for drinks. NIN were good, although I have seen them better in the past but considering this is their first gig in a very long time I'm willing to give them some leeway. Looking forward to seeing them in July though as they'll be in full swing by then and I'll also have heard more of their new 'With Teeth' CD which is released soon. They played a good set of some classics mixed in with some new tracks. The single 'The Hand That Feeds' sounds better live but I have been assurred that is the most commercial song on the album by a long, long way. The Dresden Dolls were very good and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing them again at somepoint (I guess at Glastonbury if not before).

Friday - Maggie came down for the weekend and I went to Club NME at KOKO in Mornington Crescent with her and one of my sisters (Dominique). KOKO was formerly The Camden Palace (an old hangout of mine in my teenage years and early twenties) and the renovation work the new owners have done has made the venue look fantastic. Shame the same couldn't be said about the actual setlist content for the club. They did play a number of good songs (The Killers, Joy Division, Cake, Franz Ferdinand) but generally the music wasn't very good nor was it songs I even knew (nor would really call Indy). We did catch two live bands though..... Clear Static who have a similiar sound to The Killers and who I'd certainly tip for greater things as they were very good live and have some very good songs - I'm certainly going to pick up a CD of theirs once it comes out and Maggie was making pretty positive noises about them too. The second band was called Little Barrie and were really not my taste of music. They had a sound which resembled a bad Jamiraqui or Gomez - neither of whom I'm a fan of. Anyway, I'm glad I went as it was nice to see the old venue rejuvenated and also to discover Clear Static.

Saturday - Once awake Saturday involved shopping (yes, I did buy an X-Box), watching The Incredibles on DVD and lots and lots of Soul Caliber II and a bit of X-Men: Legends with Sarah and Maggie. Oh, and champagne. I've had three bottles of champers sitting round since Christmas so we finally took advantage of them :)

This coming weeks highlights include Dead Can Dance (Wednesday), Interpol and B-Movie (Friday) and also hopefully a board games evening with Dom and maybe a few others squeezed in somewhere.

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