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I've been meaning to start sorting through the masses of CDs and Vinyls I have (not so) hidden away throughout the house and have finally made a start. I've sorted through a couple of the piles closest to my bed and have selected a few that I haven't listened to for ages and can't see myself doing so in the near future. Not because they are bad but just because I have so much music my 'cycle though' can be years and years and they are now just unused clutter.

But that does mean you guys get first dibs on them before they end up on Ebay or somewhere. So, if there is something you like the look of please shout!

The Hives - Your New Favourite Band £5
Christian Death - All The Love, All The Hate Part 2: All The Hate £5
Andi Sexgang - Arco Valley £5
Sexgang - Last of England £5
Christian Death - The Rage of Angels £5
Vendemmian - Between Two Worlds £4
Feeder - Comfort In Sound £5 - SOLD
Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow £5
Pulp - We Love Life £5 - SOLD
Resident Evil - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack £5 - SOLD
Tomb Raider - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack £5
Puddle of Mudd - Come Clean £5
The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville £5 - SOLD
Vendemmian - Through the Depths of Innocence £4
Maire Brennan (Lead singer of Clannad) - Marie £5
Soul Asylum - Grave Dancers Union £5
Clan of Xymox - Medusa £5

and also 'Touched By The Hand of Goth Vol. 2' a 32-track double CD whose tracklist I'll put in the comments section of this post in a few seconds - £6

If you spend £15 or more I'll trhow in postage for free. Otherwise it'll be about £1 per CD unless your in the same place I am (and I know in advance) in which case I can drop them off for free :p


Apr. 8th, 2005 09:20 am (UTC)
Re: get. an.ipod.
this depends ona bazillion and one factors....

if you ask him nicely i'm sure luciddestiny will pick one up from the states for you making it much cheaper.

It all depends whcih you will (honestly) use the most. I mean I love my music, and travel a LOT on public transport, so if I HAD to ( on pain of death mind you ) choose between my libook and my pod i'd have to go with my pod. However, if you're planning to be doing a lot of writing and really Neeeed a protable Computer then go for hte laptop. If the hard drive is large enough you can always turn your music into mp3 and then listen from the laptop, ti's a hard one...

I'd say get both, but then I have both so I'm spoilt. Mind you I'll be paying fot he latop untill the end of this year, and the pod was a present....

Please please please please pleas let me come shopping with you ... also... unless you're thinking of gaming ( almost exclusively) on your lapotop have you ever considered getting a mac....?


Apr. 8th, 2005 11:02 am (UTC)
Re: get. an.ipod.
You can certainly come shopping with me :)

The Laptop would mainly be for writing and (hopefully) not gaming.
Apr. 8th, 2005 11:27 am (UTC)
Re: get. an.ipod.
you could upgrade yur phone to a 6630
then buy a 1 gig sd card
that one less unit u need
all in one
phone (g3) , camera, mp3 player, bluetooth

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