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A Good Day in Football

Just a quick post as I feel it worthy of mention. I rarely post about football but thos who know me are aware (or despair) of my 'passing interest' in Britains favourite sport.

Anyway, my favourite two teams where in action yesterday and I'm happy to say both games went well.

Barnet beat Halifax 3-1 to clinch the Conference championship with three games to go (and an 18 point gap between them and second place Carlisle). This means Barnet are automatically promoted to League Two (the old Division 3) next season after a four year absence from League football. I'm sure my sister was very drunk last night in celebration..... I should really go and see if she was in any of the papers (when Barnet were relegated a few years ago her picture was syndicated around most of the press and also ended up on a Sky sports advert :p)

And my other team (who have not been doing so well this season and are in all likelyhood going to be relegated soon) managed to beat Manchester United! Yay! Norwich 2 - 0 Manchester United. That scoreline is very happy reading, even if its probably too late in the season to keep our Premiership survival alive.

Happy times....:)

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