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Terrorists come in all colours.....

Sorry for the sudden post but things like this piss me off......

Three brothers have been found guilty of passing money onto Hamas. They have yet to be sentenced but have attracted a media circus because of their faith. The reason why this pisses me off? Double-standards.

For years a number of Irish Americans have been fundraising and passing money onto the IRA (and still do) and nothing is done about it at all. Now regardless of my personal feelings on the Irish situation the fact remains that this is completely double standards.

When I was in Vegas a couple of years ago over St Patricks Day (the week the US and UK went to war in Iraq and the War Against Terror was already very much in its full swing) the hotel I was staying in had an IRA Fund Rasier going on! The people I spoke to saw the terrorism in Northern Ireland/UK to be a completely different matter than the terrorism brought on by a small group of Islamic fundamentalists.

I'm sorry, but if you start a war against terrorism you can't pick and choose the definition.

So, when are we going to start hearing of terrorist proceedings against those who are not Muslim?

US Muslims Guilty of Aiding Hamas (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th April 2005)

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