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Veritas: The new Nazi's????

Jesus! Just read the opening paragraph on the BBC News site about Kilroy-Silks new Veritas party and his statements. What on Earth happened to turn an old-school Labour MP into the new White Supremist movements saviour? What a f**kwit.

"Euro MP Robert Kilroy-Silk has launched his Veritas Party's manifesto with an attack on multi-culturalism imposed by "liberal fascists in London".

The idea that everybody should respect each others' cultures was "nonsense", he said, adding that not all cultures were equal - some were "reprehensible".

Talk about blinkered and racist.
Kilroy Attacks "Liberal Fascism" (BBC News OnLine; Thursday 14th April 2005)

I just hope that Veritas, BNP, UKIP and The Conservatives manage to dillute each others vote so much they hand seats to the LibDems and Labour. It'd be good to see The Conservatives go the way of the dinosaurs.

To be honest, some of Veritas' views are quite sound but are expressed in too much sensationalism. Take the above 'cultures' comment. One of the things they are mainly talking about is the cultures were 'honour killings' are common place, as are forced marriages and restrictions of freedoms and speech. Now I support the view that these should not be tolerated in the UK (or anywhere) but playing on the views and feelings of the rascists/paranoids/scared to win votes should not be a campaigning tactic (although it is in so many places...).


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