Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Oblivion and Tequila (or other assorted drinks...)

Terrorvision are one of those bands that knows how to get an audience to party. A real 'feel-good' band and even though I haven't brought an album of theirs since '96 nor seen them since '97's Reading Festival I had a whale of a time. I didn't recognise all of the songs and was pretty rusty on a number of others but Alice, What's The Matter? has to be amongst my all time favourite songs and Oblivion, Pretend Best Friend and Middleman were all ace. Never been keen on Tequila but live it certainly gets the crowding bouncing even more :p

After the gig Maggie and myself walked down to The Dev for a couple of hours before heading into Sin City. Sin City was actually rather good even though I didn't recognise a lot of the tracks (not being upto date on the 'Jimmy Eat Worlds' and 'My Chemical Romances' of the universe....). Had a bop along to the new Nine Inch Nails track (which incidently is starting to slowly grow on me and does actually work in a rock-club surrounding) as well as a number of other tunes :p

Unfortunately I mixed drinks a bit too badly last night (started off on ciders at the gig, moved to southern comfort and cokes at The Dev before finishing off with Smirnoff Ice's at the club) and I said my prayers to the Porceline God when I got back home. Fell fine today though (albeit a bit hungry....).

It was a good night :D

Today looks likely to involve the cinema, food and Slimelight.

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