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Questions #2: NESF

Thanks to nesf for the questions.

1. The Irish. A nation of saints and scholars or drunkards and bombers?

Saints and scholars. If I wasn’t English and had a choice of nationalities then I be either Irish or Swedish. Mind you French or Brazilian would also be on that list…..

On the scholars side of things one of my favourite poets is Irish (Yeats).

2. Is it better to spend your life in a job you love but earn little money, or work hard at a job you don't like, and by doing so earn enough money that you can retire in your late forties and spend the rest of your life living exactly how you choose?

Hmm…that’s really difficult. If you could take an early retirement and secure your future then I think I *may* be tempted with that one. But on the other hand I couldn’t see myself in a job that I didn’t like. I’ve been incredibly lucky as I’ve had a job I love since leaving school and the pay is pretty good too so I have a bit of both worlds (although there is no way I’ll be able to retire at 45 unless a miracle happens! :p)

3. Sex. Overrated or truly the centre of your existence? 

Damn you with these difficult questions. Sex is not over-rated on the whole. I’m very picky with who I have sex with and, barring a few brief encounters, have had a great sex life with some of the most wonderful people I could have hoped to have shared it with. It isn’t the centre of my existence though – very close to the centre but not hitting that bullseye. But given the choice of the two I’d have to go for it being over-rated as there are so many over things which are equally, or more, important to me.

4. Gaming lends itself towards being dominated by cliques(sp?) and loud opinionated arrogant gobshites. Discuss :P

In tabletop terms I’ve always picked my groups carefully and usually out of existing friends so I’ve managed to avoid the ‘loud opinionated arrogant gobshites’ on the whole. Larger groups/clubs/organisations will always have cliques and loud opinionated people in them though. That’s the way with any type of group/society both within and outside of the gaming arena. An unfortunate fact of life and one that I hope I don’t come across all that often.

5. A person's "net" personae versus a person's personality in a pub. Which is a truer representation of a person, and why are they so often so different?

Both give you different perspectives on the person. Some people don’t come across well on the net but are in fact wonderful people in real life. I certainly know a couple of people who always end up causing shit-storms on email lists but if met face-to-face can put their points across a lot more calmly even if not more diplomatically. The problem with the web is it is all too easy to write something in anger and hit ‘SEND’. Then it’s too late (unless it’s a blog entry…). I think it really depends from person to person in regards to which personality is actually truer. Some people relax a lot more when faced with a screen in front of them, whereas they’ll freeze or become quite introvert when in a group situation. Others relax a lot more at a pub and come across as funny and interesting whereas they may appear slightly stale in their on-line guise.


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