Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

A Good Evening of Sloppy Seconds......

Had Dom, Seth and Nicole round this evening for some boardgames. Great fun as usual and we even chatted about starting up a new bi-weekly RPG-group with our Board/Card games sessions the alternate weeks.

Anyway, we played Fearsome Floors, Citadels and Settlers of Catan. I can second in the first two and joint first in Settlers (really second as Seth hadn't realised he'd won until my winning turn .... grrrr....:p). I may write more about it later but I don't seem to be having a great deal of LJ time atm and it's also very late and I should be tucked up in bed.

In other good news Norwich beat Newcastle 2-0 to keep our hopes of Premiership survival alive and Everton beat Manchetser United 1-0 which made Nicole incredibly happy (being an Everton fan) and Seth and myself happy (not being Manchester United fans). Dom didn't care as he's not a football fan :p

Anyway, bed calls (or at least my book). Catch you all tomorrow (maybe)!

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