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This Weekend Matthew.....

...Is Convention weekend so it's early to bed for me tonight as I've got to be up at 5.30am to be awake, fed, and ready to be picked up by 6.30.

Saturday is SALUTE, a large wargames convention in London. I usually look after the shop when we do conventions but this year I'm doing the show. It's a very long tiring day but quite enjoyable. Salute is one of the very few conventions I'd probably try and attend if I wasn't working there or at the shop.

Anyway, I should return home again about 8/8.30pm and will be looking forward to having a nice bubble bath and ordering take-away food for the first time this week.

Sunday will be a day of relaxing. I may do some flyering if the LibDem leaflets turn up by then but failing that I'm going to go out for lunch with Sarah and (depending on the weather) laze around in the park for a few hours before returning home at a leisurely pace to do some cooking and probably watch a DVD or something.

We'll see gentle reader but no doubt I will be talking to you all again soon.

Take care!

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