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New Scientist, Dark Futures and Ebay

Just discovered that new_scientist has an LJ feed so I'm now happy. Thanks to which ever of my friends has them linked as I found them through the friendsfriends page :)

In other news I'm actually going to be very interested to see how old Benedict XVI works out for the church, Catholics of all persuasions, and the world in general. I know between Bush, Benedict, and a whole host of other things going on in the world it isn't a very nice and friendly place to be living but from a historian (and not to mention dark futurist) point of view it certainly falls into the 'interesting times' category. The amount of possibilities it throws up for future timelines and events is amazing.

Anyway, I should be sorting out some of my latest ebay sales (I found a load of old 80's miniature figures still in blister packs and stuck them up on ebay. Some of the packs ended up going for £42 PER PACK!!!!).

Night night!

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